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The registered office of a company is a place where all the communication related to business is held. In addition to a registered office, a company can also have a corporate office, branch, factory, or administrative office. However, the registered office of a company in India must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the other branches and offices can be opened by a company without any prior intimation to the ROC.

The registered office of the company in India will determine the domicile of the company (state of Incorporation). The ROC will be determined by the state or location in which the registered office of the company is located. In case there is a change of address in the registered office of a company the ROC must be notified within 15 days.

The compliances for change of registered office of a company within the local limits of the same city, village or town are as follows:
1. The company will have to hold a Board meeting and pass a Board resolution for changing the registered office.
2. Form INC-22 needs to be filed with the ROC within fifteen days of passing the Board resolution.

The documents to be attached with Form INC-22 are:
1. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the owner if the office is situated in leased/rented land. 2. Rent/Lease agreement, if the office is situated in leased/rented land. 3. Proof of evidence of any utility bills having the office address that are not older than two months.

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Types of changes in Registered Office

A Company would want to change its office after some time. The registered office of a company needs to be changed with prior intimation. MCA has provided procedures to change the address of the company, this must be followed by the company.

  • Change in the registered office within the same city
    The process to change the registered office in the same city is very simple.
    1. Firstly, the company must arrange a board meeting and pas a resolution about the same.
    2. The company needs to file a form INC22 with the MCA. It should be filed within 30 days of passing the board resolution.
    3. The utility bill for business address proof, NOC from the owner, and the rental agreement is the place is rented must be attached.
  • Change in the registered office address with a different ROC but within the state
    1. Suppose the company wants to change the registered office from the jurisdiction of one ROC to another then the company has to apply for the approval of the Regional Director as prescribed in Form INC-23.
    2. After the Regional Director confirms the change the same confirmation must be filed with the ROC within 60 days. Within 30 days of filing, the ROC shall confirm the change of address.
  • Change of address in the same state but different ROC
    In Large states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu there are two registrars of companies.
    At times it may happen that when the address of the company is changed the ROC also changes.
    Hence, there is a different procedure when such change happens.
  • Change of address in another state
    The procedure to shift the registered from one state to another is a bit different from others.
    1. The MOA of the company changes as the registered office address also changes.
    2. It is necessary to hold a board meeting and pass a resolution to call an extraordinary general meeting.
    3. A special resolution is to be passed in the EGM about the change in the address of the registered office as well as for altering the MOA. The resolution must be filed in MGT14 within 30 days with the MCA.
    4. The company has to publish an advertisement for shifting the office not more than 30 days before the date of application to the regional director. It should be published in at least vernacular or the regional newspaper and in an English newspaper.
    5. The company should also send a notice to the creditors and the debenture holders if there are any and to other regulatory bodies as applicable to the company.
    6. An application to the Regional Director should be filed for shifting the registered office along with the documents that are specified.
    7. In case an objection is received then there is a hearing with the Central government and necessary orders will be passed. If no objection is received, then the order will be passed without any hearing.
    8. The confirmation received from the RD to the ROCs is to be filed by the company within 30 days from the date of the order.
    9. Within 30 days it is necessary to file form INC-22 to the ROC with the required documents.
  • *Note: The central government should dispose of the change of the registered office application outside the state within 60 days of the application and before passing the resolution it should confirm that the change is with the consent of the creditors, debenture holder, etc. The approval by the central government shall be filed with the registrars of both states. The ROC of the state wherein the new office will be located has to register the same and a new certificate of incorporation should be issued.

Documents Required For Changing Registered Office

Listed below are the documents and details required for Chaning Registered Office Address.

  • List of Company Directors
  • List of Company Shareholders
  • List of Creditors duly certified by Auditor of Company
  • Copy of Public notice published
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation(COI), Memorandum of Association (MoA), Article of Association (AoA)
  • Latest audited Financial Statements of Company
  • Rent Agreement in the name of Company under the new Address
  • Utility bill (not older than 2 months) as proof of premises and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of premises

How to change your Company's Registered Address

Following are the steps-by-step points of changing Registered Office Address:

  • After the registered office of a company is declared by Filing the INC 22. In case there are any changes in the registered office of the company it must be intimated to the ROC. If the change in the registered office address is within the same area of city or town or village it must be notified within 15 days by filing the relevant forms.
  • If the change of the registered office address is outside the limits of the city or town or village then the registered office must approve a special resolution passed by the company. Suppose the registered office of the company is to be changed from one jurisdiction of a ROC to another jurisdiction, then the change should be approved by the Regional Director of the ROC.

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FAQs on Changing Registered Office Address

The registered office is the principal place of business, the registered office will be used for all the official communication.

Yes, the registered office of a company can be shifted from one place to another in the same state or from one state to another. It is a legal procedure that can be completed online.

It usually takes 2-4 working days to process the application form.

Form INC 22 and MGT 14 need to be filed with the ROC for changing the address of the company.

The company can change address under three circumstances Change of the company registered within the same village or city Change within the same state Change from one state to another.

No the companies that are relocating to another location in the same village, towns, or city limits d not need permission from their shareholders or any other authorities But it is necessary to notify the ROC of the changes that are made in Form INC 22.

No, while changing the registered office in another city it is not necessary to give ad in the newspaper.

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