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All you should know about DIR-3 KYC

about DIR-3 KYC

What is DIR3- KYC ?

Every individual who has been allotted a Director Identification Number (DIN) as on 31st March of a financial year as per these rules shall, submit e-form DIR-3-KYC to the Central Government on or before 30th April of immediate next financial year. Since it’s a recent introduction, there has been a lot of changes in dates & thus a lot of confusion over it. Let’s see the important points to know about DIR3-KYC:

1. Who is required to file DIR-3 KYC & who could file DIR-3 KYC through web service?

 a. If you are doing the KYC for the first time, you are mandatorily required to do it through DIR-3 KYC eform.

b. If you have already done KYC through DIR-3 KYC eform in previous year, KYC can be done using DIR-3 KYC web service. Ads by ADVERTISEMENT Ads by

c. If you want to update mobile number & email address, it can be done only through DIR-3 KYC form

2. What would happen if a DIN-holder does not file the required KYC form within due date? Where the KYC form is not filed within the due date, the DIN would be marked as “Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC”. Such DIN could not be used for any filing in MCA. Further, in order to reactivate the DIN, a fee of Rs 5000 would be levied

3. Are disqualified directors required to file DIR-3 KYC?

Yes, Disqualified Directors are also required to file the KYC form.

4. Whether multiple filing of DIR-3 KYC is allowed?

System will not allow multiple filing of form DIR-3 KYC for an applicant.

5. How could one update other details in a DIN (apart from Mobile & Email)

In case of updation in any other personal detail, e-form DIR-6 may be filed for updation of the same before completion of KYC form.


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