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Copyright Registration Starting @ ₹ 3999/-

Protect Your Work, Ideas and Innovations With our Copyright Registration services starting at Rs. 3999/- (Exclusive Govt. Fees). With our truly-digital and hassle-free process, connect with best professionals for your Copyright Registration.

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Copyright is the legal right creators are entitled to for their literary, dramatics, music, and artistic work. Producers of films and recordings enjoy this right too. When a proprietor registers for a copyright, it gives them an exclusive right to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. Further, they can grant authority to some other entity for the same purpose.

Registering for copyright is important because it makes you the legal owner of the rights over the work. You then have control over communicating it to the public, reproducing rights, any adaptations or translations of the works.

Lately, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of intellectual property being registered in India as the awareness about intellectual property laws has increased. Copyright registration happens to be one of the critical types of intellectual types of property protection. Copyright registration is done as per the regulations of the Copyright Act,1957. The author's creative work cannot be copied as no person is allowed to use the same without the permission of the author or the creator. The author can charge others for using or changing his work. The copyright protection typically lasts for 60 years.

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Benefits of Copyright Registration

  • A public record of ownership :
    When a work is copyrighted, it is registered on a public record, thereby establishing ownership.
  • Copyright infringement :
    In the case of copyright infringement, the authors can sue infringers to secure their work and claim statutory compensation.
  • Prevents importing of duplicates :
    The owners can record the registration with the Indian customs and prevent importing duplicate copies of the work.
  • Commercial use of by-products :
    Have control over by-products or derivatives created from the original registered work for commercial purposes.
  • Transfer of copyright :
    The rights can be passed or sold to a third party by the original copyright holder.
  • Ensures protection :
    Copyright protection enables the owners to exhibit their work without the fear that it will be replicated without authorisation.

Checklist for Copyright Registration

Following are the rights of Copyright owners:

  • Right of reproduction:
    Copyright registration grants exclusive rights to the copyright owner. An individual cannot make copies or reproduce work without the permission of the copyright owner.
  • Right of Adaptation:
    The Act allows the creator to use his piece of work the way he wants to use it. He can create any derivatives of his original work. He can also use a different format based on his existing creation.
  • Right of Communication To The Public:
    The owner can broadcast their original work to the public. The copyright owner can use visual signs or even images.
  • Right of Public Performance:
    The owners of artistic and musical work can perform their works in public. A musician can play his piece of music for the people. An artist can perform in public or any platform the artist wishes to.
  • Right of Paternity And Integrity:
    The creators of original work are bestowed with rights of integrity and morality. The right of attribution or paternity implies that the creator can claim the sole authorship over his piece of work. The right of integrity allows the owner to claim damages from the individuals. If anyone tries to mutilate, modify or distort the original piece of work, the copyright holder can claim the individual's damages.
  • Right of Distribution:
    The Copyright Act allows the owner to distribute his work in whatever form he likes. If he wishes, he can also transfer certain rights to another person to use the copyright.

Documents Required For Copyright Registration

To register for copyright you need to give us the following details and documents.

Personal details:

  • Name, address, and nationality of the applicant
  • Name, address, and nationality of the author of the work
  • Nature of the applicant's interest in the copyright - whether the applicant is the author of the work or the representative of the author
  • Copies of the original work
  • ID proof of the owner and incorporation certificate if it is for business

Nature of the work:

  • Class & description of the work
  • Title of the work
  • Language of the work
  • Date of publication - publication in internal magazines, like a company magazine or a research paper submitted to a professor does not count as publication.


  • Three copies of your work
  • Authorisation letter(Will be sent by us)

How to Apply For Copyright Registration Online

Here is the step by step process for getting copyright registration in India:

  • Step 1: The application for copyright registration has to be filed in the concerned forms that mention the particular's work. Depending on the type of the work, a separate copyright application may have to be filed.
  • Step 2: The applicant needs to sign the forms, and the Advocate must submit the application under the name the POA has been executed. Meanwhile, our experts will prepare the copyright registration application and submit the necessary forms with the Registrar of copyrights.
  • Step 3: The Diary number will be issued once the application is submitted online.
  • Step 4: Within the waiting period of 30 days, the copyright examiner reviews the application for potential objection or any other discrepancies.
  • Step 5: If there is an objection, a notice will be issued, and the same has to be compiled within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notice. The examiner may call both parties for a hearing.
  • Step 6: After the discrepancy has been removed or no objection, the copyright is registered, and the Copyright Office will issue the registration certificate.

Why for Copyright Registration

1. Access to Expert : We provide access to best professionals and coordinate with them to fulfill all your legal requirements. You can also track your job progress with our easy-to-use dashboard, at all times.
2. Realistic Expectations : By handling all the paperwork, we ensure a seamless interactive process with the government. We provide clarity on each process to set a realistic expectations.
3. Strong Legal Team : With a team of over 300 experienced business advisors and legal professionals, you are just a phone call away from the best in legal services.

FAQs on Copyright Registration

A copyright registration does not protect the titles or names, short words, slogans, or any phrases. Only original literary work can get copyright registration.

Trademark registration protects the brand name, logo the slogan whereas copyright protection is provided to literary works, music, videos, slogans, and artistic contents.

Once obtained copyright registration has a validity of 60 years. In case it is literary, drama, music work the 60-year validity is considered from the death of the author. But in the case of the films, sound recording, photographs the 60 year validity period is considered from the date of publication.

According to the Berne Convention, copyright obtained in India will get the status of foreign workers and the copyright protection is extended to the countries which are signatories to the Berne Convention.

With the consent from the owner of the work, the copyright registration can be sold, transferred, gifted as well as franchised.

The holder can translate, reproduce, adapt, create the work, and also to the right to be credited for his contribution, a right for who can adapt the work to other forms.

A copyright registration can be obtained in around 6-8 months considering factors like objection etc.

Both Published as well as unpublished work can be registered, in case work is already published the details of the publishing are to be furnished with the application.

Yes in case of any discrepancy or incomplete documents a copyright registration may get rejected.

Any person or a business entity can obtain copyright registration. An individual can be an author, creator, musician, photographer, producer, painter, composer, or company.

A copyright holder has to send a statutory notice to the person who has infringed the work.

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