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Businesses that are registered under GST have to file the GST returns monthly, quarterly, and annually based on the business. Here it is necessary to provide the details of the sales or purchases of the goods and services along with the tax that is collected and paid. Implementation of a comprehensive Income Tax System like GST in India has ensured that taxpayer services such as registration, returns, and compliance are in range and perfectly aligned.

An individual taxpayer filing the GST returns has to file 4 forms for filing the GST returns such as the returns for the supplies, returns for the purchases made, monthly returns, and the annual returns.

GST return filing in India is mandatory for all the entities that have a valid GST registration irrespective of the business activity or the sales or the profitability during the period of filing the returns. Hence, even a dormant business that has a valid GST registration must file the GST returns.

GST return is a document that contains the details of all the income or the expenses that a taxpayer is required to file with the tax administrative authorities.

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Checklist for GST Return Filings

Due dates for filing GST returns:

  • GSTR 1: The 11th of Subsequent of that month
  • GSTR 3B: The 20th of that subsequent month
  • CMP 08: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter of the specific fiscal year
  • GSTR 4: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter
  • GSTR 5: 20th of the subsequent month
  • GSTR 6: 13th of the subsequent month
  • GSTR 7: 10th of the subsequent month
  • GSTR 8: 10th of the subsequent month
  • GSTR 9: 31st December of the Fiscal year
  • GSTR 10: Within 3 months of the date of cancellation or the date of cancellation order whichever is earlier
  • GSTR 11: 28th of the month that is following the month for which the statement was filed

Eligibility for GST Return Filings

GST Return filing in India is to be done by the following:

  • A person having a valid GSTIN has to compulsorily file the GST returns.
  • Also, a person whose annual turnover is crossing Rs. 20 lakh has to obtain a GST registration and file the GST returns mandatorily.
  • In the cases of Special states, the limit for the annual turnover is Rs.10 lakh.

Procedure for GST Return Filings is a leading business service platform in India that offers end-to-end GST services. We have helped thousands of business owners to get GST registration, as well as file GST returns.

  • When GST return filing is outsourced to us, a dedicated GST advisor is assigned to the business.
  • This dedicated advisor would reach out to you every month and collect the necessary information, prepare the GST returns and help in filing the GST returns.

Why for GST Return Filings

Some of the best reasons to choose us are:
1. A relationship manager with experience in the sector that you operate in will guide you through the process of GST registration and filings. They will help with specific tasks such as uploading invoices and also ensure that your filing is taken care of on time.
2. Our platform ensures that you get timely reminders well in advance of the deadline beyond which penalty will be applicable. In addition to this, your GST advisor will also remind you periodically so that no deadlines are missed.
3. Monthly reports detailing the status of GST return filing including GSTR- 3B and the way forward will be shared with the clients by the GST advisors.
4. GSTR-1 is a quarterly return that should be filed by every business. Turnover determines the due dates for GSTR- 1. Business with sales up to Rs. 1.5 Crore can file their quarterly returns.
5. Businesses will be enabled to benefit from the input tax reconciliation mechanism provided by the government to achieve neutrality in the incidence of tax and ensure that such input tax element does not enter into the cost of production or cost of supply of goods and services.

FAQs on GST Return Filings

Under GST, every person or entity registered under GST would be required to file a GST return for the prescribed period. Even those entities having a GST registration but no activity would be required to file a GST Nil Return to stay compliant with GST regulations.

Regular taxpayers would have to file GSTR-1 (details of outward supplies), GSTR-2 (details of inward supplied) and GSTR-3 (monthly return). GSTR-1 would be due on the 10th of each month, GSTR-2 would be due on the 15th of each month and GSTR-3 would be due on the 20th of each month. Compounding taxpayers must file GSTR-4 every quarter, on 18th of the month next to the quarter. In addition to the monthly or quarterly returns, an annual return must be filed by all persons or entities registered under GST. The due date for filing of annual GST return would be 31st of December following the end of financial year. In case of assesses having to complying with auditing requirements, the GST reconciliation statement must be duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.

GST Returns must be filed online. There would also be a facility to prepare the returns offline and upload the same into an online portal.

There would be no procedure or revision of a GST Return. All unreported invoices of the previous tax period must be included in the return for the current month and interest if any would be applicable.

All GST Return non-filers will be tracked by the GST Department and a list of GST return defaulters will be provided to the respective GST authorities for follow-up and enforcement action. The GST law would also include the imposition of an automatic late fee for GST Return non-filers and late filers.

Under GST, all taxpayers, other than an input service distributor, a non-resident taxable person, a casual taxable person, and a person paying tax under the GST composition scheme are required to file a GSTR1 return.

An Invoice is issued if the value of the supply is less than Rs.200 and is subjected to conditions.

Under GST, the expression “details of outward supplies” means information pertaining to sales transactions in a month like invoices issued, debit notes, credit notes, and revised invoices.

Yes, any registered taxable person, who has filed a GSTR1 return can rectify the return if there is a discovery of any error or omission. The rectification can be filed in the tax period in which such error or omission is noticed. In case there is any short payment of tax, the payment of tax and interest can also be made during the period of discovery of error or omission.

GST return can be rectified by a taxpayer until the month of September following the end of the financial year to which the details pertain or furnishing of the relevant annual return, whichever is earlier.

For all B2B supplies (whether inter-State or intra-State), invoice level details like customer GSTIN, the item-wise value of supply, amount of tax applicable, place of supply, date of invoice and invoice number should be uploaded. For all B2C supplies (including non-registered Government entities, Consumer/person dealing in exempted/NIL rated/non-GST goods or services), the suppliers should upload invoice level details similar to B2B invoices, when the value of supply is more than Rs.2.5 lakhs. For invoices with a value of less than Rs.2.5 lakhs, State-wise summary of supply statement should be filed. The address of the buyer has to be mandatorily reflected in every invoice having a value of Rs.50,000/- or more.

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